Falsely Accused

There is many different reasons that women have created false sexual assault charges. Avoiding false allegations can be simple if you understand that many times, the victim of the false allegations did have some part in how the allegation was formed. Here are some recommends to try to limit the changes of have false sexual assault charges.
  • Avoid having Sex with Drunk Girls
Having sex with drunk girls is just a bad idea. Alcohol has been proven to make people less able to enjoy sex. There is also many cases of drunk girls that agree to have sex, later claiming it was rape as they were drunk, and the count call the event rape. The matter if it was rape or consensual sex when alcohol is involved, in many cases comes down to how the police, and a judge see the events. The simple method to avoid being charged with sexual assault or rape when dealing with a drunk girl, is to get them their own cub home. This can be hard, but it is less painful then spending time in jail. 
  • Do not be a dick
Being rude, or a dick can chance how someone see an experience. Many times if you are rude with a girl after you have sex with her, she may feel regretful about being with you. This is one of the factor in many cases of false allegations that happen at colleges. The question becomes does your behavior equal the allegations? No, however this is not about fairness. In many cases, the women feels attacked, and this a way that she can make you feel just as bad as or worse than you made her feel.  A general rule of life, is to not be a dick.
  • Limit Contact with Her Social Circle
Social circles are able to make things so much worse that it may have been. If you keep away from her social circles, which include social media, many time there is less information to try and pin a sexual assault charge. This works for most people, but cases of the women who made false allegations of rape on a cab driver that she had sex with proves how careful you need to be with the people you have sex with.
  • Limit how much she knows about you
This can seem a little paranoid, but if you are going to be picking up girls at a club for a one-night relationship, keeping information to yourself is the best idea. There is a surprising number of women that will cheat on their boyfriends and husbands, and claim it was rape once they are caught. Until you get to know a women, the less information that you give out, the better.

This tips can seem paranoid. However trying to avoid something as serious as sexual assault and rape charges, you need to be careful. There is not many false allegations filed with the police, but college have been faced with more allegations of sexual assault.
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